Facebook Advertising can be tough. And it’s getting tougher every day. As more advertisers realize the potential and jump onboard, the increased competition can quickly turn a winning ad into a money-waster.

After managing thousands of dollars in Facebook Advertising (and wasting lots of money making every conceivable mistake), I still learn new, surprising things with every new campaign I create.

To become a real Facebook ads pro you always have to learn new tricks and put new tools into your toolbox. That’s key—if you stop learning in this world, you’re going to fall behind faster than you can say…FALL.

Here are the 3 best practices I’ve learned about creating amazing Facebook ads that will excite and entice users to your brand/product!

1) Always Test Multiple Ads

I can not stress this enough. Never assume anything. Always test everything. No matter what your level of expertise is or how long you’ve been advertising on Facebook, always test both your ad’s design and its targeting.

Every time you’re creating a new campaign, take the time to come up with at least 4 different Facebook ad strategies and then test each one. For example, you might test two different images with two different copy texts (2 images x 2 texts = 4 variations).

While illustrations perform pretty well and are great branding, an ad with an image of a person more times than not, performs far better.

A great performing Facebook ad doesn’t just appear when you set your audience, and interest base etc. It requires laser-focused targeting based on research of your clients’ wants and needs.

2) Use Call-to-Actions

Adding a call-to-action to your Facebook ads might not increase your click-through rate or make your ad more engaging, but it’s likely to improve your overall conversion rate and decrease your cost per conversion.

Why? Because a good call-to-action decreases friction. If a user clicks your ad and arrives on your landing page, it won’t need to waste time figuring what to do next. He’ll already know and quickly proceed to perform the desired action.

He’ll know because you’ve prompted him in your ad with a call-to-action like “Download our eBook…,” “Subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to win…,” “Take the survey and receive $10 off…,” etc.

3) Address your users’ rational and emotional sides

We think we’re intelligent animals who always act rationally, but that’s only partially true. Our emotional side has a lot to say when it comes to buying.

A simple list of product features might convince the rational self in some users but has no effect at all on their emotional self. Our emotional self doesn’t care about features, that part of us wants benefits.

No one wants to become a millionaire just to have money. They want the beneficial lifestyle that comes with being rich. Likewise, you don’t buy a product for its features. You buy it to solve a problem and, thereby, to make your life better.

In your Facebook ad designs, therefore, address both the rational and emotional side of your users.

It’s Up to You Now…

Combined, these 3 tips should help you to create killer Facebook ads for your business.

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