So, you want to jump into the world of social media marketing. We can’t blame you, it’s hip, neat and all the ‘kids’ are ‘tweeting’ and talking about it. You wonder to yourself, “how can we reach them where they are?” and “does it even makes sense?”

First, you have to see social media as more than just a new space to connect. It’s the natural progression of the internet. What once archived, now connects. The average smartphone is home to more than a few social media apps that give quick, seemingly limitless access to a wide network of social and commercial interests. Consider that the same phone has more processing power than the computer which put the Challenger on the moon, and this tale gets even more interesting. In short, social media is powerful. Just how, we aren’t sure yet, but here are a few things to keep in mind before jumping head first into the social space.

1. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The web has matured into a brilliant information highway; facilitating both professional and personal relationships. For this reason most brands identify social media as the natural progression of the customer discovery and retention processes that have been part of consumer based economies since their existence. The keyboard crafts the new billboard and these new media tools facilitate rapid information sharing much to the benefit of some brands, but to the plunder of others. Examples abound of brand plunders online; some are racial, some sexist, and others are downright rude. The resulting action by most corporates errs on the side of hyper-conservatism. This defeats the whole purpose of social media. I suggest that in the space of fear, we use systems and skill to maintain relevance, engage consistently and push boundaries (the right way).

2. Relevance Is Key

When seeking to build an online representation of your business consider the ideal experience you would would want a customer to have to get a true feel of your business goals and vision. Everything from your imagery, to posts and re-posts should be relevant to your business’ values. Now consider how you would want your ideal customer to feel when dealing with you. Relevance also expresses itself in the way you appeal to your ideal customers needs and desires. Before jumping online, be clear on what your value proposition is and how you will communicate it. To further explore this topic, you can check out our post: The 3 ‘P’s of Building a Brand On Social Media.

3. Be Consistent & Responsive

How do you think your business would fare if your clients couldn’t ever get you on the phone? Or if they walked into your establishment and no one said hello, or offered a smile? If they sent emails with consistetly no response, do you think they would choose you over your competitors? It’s the same with online engagement. Online followers like to feel connected to the brands that they use and like. It is key to keep them engaged by monitoring your pages and responding to queries. It is also key to ‘listen’ to the way they react (or don’t) to your content. As a business owner/professional this aspect may best be outsourced, but before you hire some college student with free time on their hands, consider these qualities when searching your next social media manager.

3. Do More

Our final tip is to do more. At Digita, we believe in constant improvement. It’s not enough to be online, consider the ways that you can increase your productivity and creativity in representing your brand online. Explore new ways to engage your following. Never stop pushing the limits of how much you can do and offer. Luckily, there are many tools to help you be better online.

Need help managing and improving your brand’s presence on social media? Get in touch with Digita today! We know the ins and outs of digital marketing and stand ready to assist small and large firm alike on their digital journeys to brand prominence.

About The Author

Kemal is a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He loves digital media, is a certified techie and re-incarnated lion (or so he tells himself). He trains executives, mentors entrepreneurs, and heads a soon to be well-known company called Digita Global Marketing Ltd.