The internet is fast-paced, and in 2018 we can all surely expect even more new trends and features to try to keep up with. In this digital age with a constant flow of information saturating our daily lives, the time allowed to grab viewers’ interest goes by almost in the blink of an eye!

The feeling of obligation to consistently post and stay up to date with social media news feeds can prove to be exhausting sometimes, right? That is if you don’t have the right tools to help. Now is as good a time as any to find ways to make social media management that much easier, and these 5 applications are here to do just that!

1. Rocketium

Visual content captures the most audience attention and is prioritized by many social media networks for delivery to your news feed. Regarding information mediums, video is king as the most engaging content type, which means if you’re not producing videos then you’re robbing yourself of audience interaction. Rocketium is an awesome choice to produce videos in a quick and alluring way. With an array of styling options and royalty-free visuals at your disposal, users can easily create stylized videos in minutes, no previous experience necessary! Here’s a plus: Rocketium allows users to share the same video in different dimensions, optimizing the content for various social media platforms.

2. IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is a tool that drives on cause and effect, which you probably already figured from its name. It allows applications and devices to communicate seamlessly through a personalized set of conditions defined by the user. The creation of rules triggers specific actions between multiple platforms. For example, when a new article is published on a website, it can be set to automatically share to social media channels instantly. Eliminating manual back-and-forth processes saves a chunk of time (and preserves some sanity), which we all can agree is a huge win!

3. Yala

One of the issues many social media managers lament is a lack of engagement after investing time to create what feels like a perfect post. Yala heightens exposure, and consequently engagement, by scheduling posts at optimal times based on unique page activity. Through analysis of behaviour, the tool’s algorithm publishes content when most of an individual page’s audience is online and will be likely to engage. Each scheduled post is treated to cater to the varying performances of the different social media networks.

4. Tailwind

If you’re an active user of Pinterest, Tailwind is a godsend! Its main function is to churn out content easily in an organized way. Not only will it facilitate scheduling of future posts, it also suggests optimum days and times to share content to each board and page you’re a contributor of based on their respective activity. Another notable feature of Tailwind is niche groups, known as tribes, that users can join. As a part of a tribe, whose purpose is to interact with members’ pins, the visibility of your content can multiply when extended to the audience of other tribe members.

5. Google Analytics

Though most of us should be familiar with this tool, how many can say we’ve mastered it? For dedicated websites, Google Analytics should be set up and monitored at regular intervals to track online performance and how it affects other areas. The in-depth analysis that is available is steps above social media insights. It may look like information overkill at first, but it provides all the insight you could possibly want to know about your web space, and then some! Google Analytics provides extra information that you won’t find on your social media platforms, such as visitor behaviour, sources of entry from all over the internet, bounce rates, conversion tracking, and so much more.


If you’d like to truly excel in social media this year, we’ve got you covered. Digita Global Marketing offers social media services for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’d like to be trained or shift the workload, we can help. Comment your favourite social media tools in the comments below! If you’d like extra assistance, drop us a line to start growing your social media today.

About The Author

Jhunelle is a Digital Media Executive at Digita Global Marketing Ltd. Certified in Computer Science, her skill set also extends to blogging, photography and videography. If not creating awesomeness around a computer, she can most likely be found enjoying nature, food, or music, but ideally all 3.

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