“Content Marketing is the only form of advertising left.” – Seth Gobin

Last year, digital advertising spend exceeded traditional media spend for the first time. This gap is projected to continuously widen into the future. The question of whether to invest your advertising dollars online has become a non-factor. More and more businesses are realizing that to get in and stay in the effective advertising game they must play online, particularly on social media. This game, like Jumanji can leave you and your pockets feeling trampled by a Rhino, if you don’t understand how content really works. And often brands only have one life online, as a brand once tarnished is finds it immeasurable hard to regain trust.

As you begin to build your online presence, you may struggle under the pressure to consistently create content that resonates with and inspires actions from your audience. Fortunately, we have a few tips which will help even a novice improve their execute their content marketing strategy like a Digita Ninja.


1. Tell A Story

You know how you love those movies where the underdog wins? (my favorite is Ratatouille) Well, your audience loves those too and they like it even more on social media where they can share with their friends and followers. Your content should aim to be just as compelling as any movie or a great book. Give your followers stories which take them on a journey and engages them emotionally to share your content and recommend your brand to their followers.

Think about who your followers are, create personas that they will identify with, and demonstrate how your business will help them overcome obstacles leading them to ultimately getting what they want. Below, Helloha, an app which allows you meet new people, tells a tale in a Facebook carousel ad of how they will help millennials have what they desire most: fun!

The characters they chose look like their target audience and they also have an issue in common. Helloha uses these characters and a three image sequence to tell the story below:

“Millennial meets people on Helloha. Those people turn into friends. Millennial is now happily having fun with new friends as the sun sets.”

Thought of a narrative for your own business as yet? Just remember to keep the focus on your ideal customer, next I’ll explain why.


2. Be More Buyer-Centric

Truth is your ideal client doesn’t care much that you worked extremely hard to make your product or curate your services. Their true concern is “Which problem will this solve for me?”. Just as your product or service will be a meaningful addition to your client’s life so too should the content you use to engage with them; by “engage” we really mean engage, not just sell. Your audience seeks to be entertained, inspired and educated, and if you’re able to do all three effectively in one piece of content then perhaps you have struck gold.

Firstly, assess your current content. Does it consistently address concerns your clients may have? Or does it heavily speak about the things you sell? If your product, services or agenda tends to hog center stage then you may be sacrificing meaningful opportunities to build lasting deep-seated relationships with your audience, and possibly missing the chance to truly attract new customers.

The Fix? Create balance in the content you give to your audience. Wine and dine them digitally just as you would if you took them out to a sales lunch. Entertain them with a joke or two related to your industry. Inspire them, let them think “What if this particular problem I had disappeared?”, Then you educate them with solutions to their problem. At the end of your hypothetical digital dinner, give a parting gift which will guarantee a second date by showing why YOUR solution is the way to go, you convince.

Like any good relationship, you need to stay in contact and do the things that landed you the relationship in the first place like spending time on the what you have in common with your audience. So, start over: entertain, inspire, educate, convince.


3. Repurpose & Repurpose

Now you know what your audience really wants from your content, but how on Earth are you going to keep up with their constant need for content while meeting their demand for your product? Well one smart solution is to leverage assets your business already has. That new company profile you invested in a few months ago could serve as a major content resource for your social media posts. Key takeaways and witty phrases from previous blogs can be leveraged piece by piece on social media, providing up to weeks of content to used engaging your audience.

Another is to think of content in a multipurpose manner. So, every time you create a piece of content know that a time will come when you can use it again. For example, writing blogs can be pretty time consuming, but the content lives on your website until you say when. Blogs can also serve as a resource pool to create other pieces of content. This blog fingers crossed, with a few tweaks could be repurposed as a part of Digita’s next ebook or audiobook, and depending on how much you like it could appear as a short animated video to drive engagement our social media pages. So keep at it, you have more content already than you know.


4. Presentation is Key

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are constantly rolling out new features which allows our content to occupy new landscape and shift its form. Take opportunities to make otherwise okay content more interesting by presenting it differently with each platform. A photoshoot you did for a magazine or new article can be leveraged for all of nine Instagram images to make one big picture. This will give you more Instagram real estate while boosting impressions for your page. Vera Wang’s IG page leverages this technique beautifully. Give it a try!

With the glimpse of a leg or shoe she is able to give her audience just enough to drive them to visit her IG profile to view the entire image. Other ways to veer away from the regular 1000 x 1000 square image posts include: Twitter threads which allow you to take your followers on a journey with longer and more intriguing narrative, swipe albums on Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Carousels.


5. Teamwork Makes the Dreams’ Content Strategy Work

For your content marketing strategy to shake the curse of mundane and the “seen it before” it’s best you have a team. Whether your entire content marketing team is based in house or you have a cutting-edge content marketing team like Digita Global on your side, a meeting of the minds is absolutely helpful.

Think tanks or brainstorm sessions, whichever label your team chooses, allows you to take full advantage of the experience and creativity of every team member. When one member comes up with an idea, another member’s creativity and experience can take the idea to the next level. Also if anyone is ever stuck there are more persons to really drive an idea home or come up with new ones. Brainstorm sessions are also fun, so it can be great for team building!


And there you have it. Five tips to help you master the content game 😉


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