2016 was a dynamic year in social media with new messaging apps, live video services, and a continual surge of algorithm changes. With the ongoing waves of new changes, it could have been difficult for online marketers to stay afloat. There are few online campaigns, however, that managed to rise above the tides. Here is our pick of the top three social media campaigns of 2016.

#ShotOnIphone – Apple

In typical Apple style, this campaign managed to capture and display the depth of human experience on the planet through heart-stirring music and captivating visuals. Oh, did we mention that all images were captured by amateurs and pros around the world using only an iPhone camera? The purpose of the campaign was to highlight the improved iPhone camera, especially in low-light situations. Consumers were encouraged to share their best shots and clips using the hashtag #shotwithiphone , though only a few were selected for billboards and online posts.

Key takeaway:

Don’t just push, pull. Brands can pull content from their social media following in a way that boosts engagement and emphasizes the benefit of their product/service. Building a co-dependent relationship with consumers has the potential of creating a global movement that not only connects persons to your brand, but to each other, and to a greater sense of good.

Deadpool – Marvel

As the first R-rated Marvel comic movie release, Marvel played on the character’s ability to break the fourth wall, and broke all walls! Deadpool was impossible to miss! He was everywhere from Burger King advertisements to supermarket shelves, and he never had to say much about the movie. His pervasive presence was the marketing strategy! With a combination of traditional and digital means the team used hilarity, and often crassness, to appeal to followers. They even made up a twitter feud between Deadpool and Wolverine.

Key takeaways:

Don’t be afraid to saturate your fans timelines. Find subtle ways to pull on their memory and align yourself with other powerful brands.

The power of memory. Marvel fans have been asking for a Deadpool movie for years. A huge strength of the campaign was their ability to pull on the fans’ innate knowledge of the character.

Tasty – Buzzfeed

The Tasty videos are quick, fun and as delicious to watch as their recipes are to eat. In a very short time, the pilot amassed 60 million facebook fans and resulted in the launch of spin-offs TastyJunior and Nifty.

Key takeaways:

Using Facebook’s native video feature. The scroll-stop feature is a key part of engaging followers.

Bite-sized content (pun intended). People like easy ways of consuming (more puns) inspiring content.


For these examples, it’s clear that the very specific nature of the brands played into their strategy. Consider what makes your brand unique and play on that. Even if you don’t have a strong global following, you can join global conversations by keeping abreast of trendy hashtags, making ambassadors of your clients (or employees) and mixing your branding with utility!

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About The Author

Kemal is a serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He loves digital media, is a certified techie and re-incarnated lion (or so he tells himself). He trains executives, mentors entrepreneurs, and heads a soon to be well-known company called Digita Global Marketing Ltd.