7 Tips To master Digital Media in 2019


In the content-saturated age of digital media, one question on every business owner’s mind is: How can we further distinguish ourselves from our competitors? From the minute we wake up, to that last browse online before going to bed, we’re practically swimming in a pool of ads, begging for our attention. With such a wealth of information flooding the digital space, it’s become increasingly hard to stand out… but, it’s not impossible.

In 7 minutes, we will show you 7 tips to master digital media and achieve success in your campaigns, which converts to an improved bottom line in 2019.


1. Stay Up to Date on Trends

…and if you’re good, stay ahead; if you’re great, set them. Each year, new technologies are introduced, existing tech gets smarter, prospects get savvier and we’re bombarded with a plethora of marketing tactics. And no, there is no end to this cycle. This will continue to happen each year at a faster pace. With that said, the goal of digital will always be the same- getting and keeping your audience’s attention. It will require a constant effort to monitor and direct where the attention goes, and what you need to do to leverage it. From the fleeting and recurring trends on social media to purchasing trends and marketing tactics, businesses aim to set the trends in their own industries; and those who can’t, aim to ride the first wave.

One such trend that has begun to cement its place in digital, is smart speaker technology and voice search. I often find myself saying ‘please’ to my Alexa as if it is a real person. The line between tech and humanity is being consistently blurred and this reality eventuality presents interesting opportunities and challenges for the modern marketer. By 2020, voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri will get even more relevant as 30% of web browsing is expected to go screenless.


2. Videos, Videos, and More Videos.

The Washington Post predicted that video would account for 80% of all online content by 2020. While we’re not quite there yet, we’ve seen a massive increase in live streaming video and video based content. Video marketing can be incredibly effective at boosting engagement levels and the consumer appetite for video shows no sign of slowing down. YouTube is now the second-most globally visited website (number one being Google), with an average visit duration of 00:21:36 per user. This is of no surprise as YouTube is filled with a variety of value-laden video content and has built a unique ecosystem and commerce based community.

If you’ve not fully embraced video in your brand marketing, you may be a bit behind, but it’s not too late to begin.


3. Integrate AI and Chatbots.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been expanding what’s possible in the world of digital media. Think of AI as a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly. They are able to better understand behaviours and patterns by going through data. You can use AI for tasks like searching databases and providing insights to your team. AI is also being used in advertising. While it hasn’t quite achieved human levels of creativity, Google is already running ads powered by AI to optimize campaigns, by identifying the best-performing ad designs and copy and automatically adjusting based on user engagement.

So much of our lives have shifted online, that it has become necessary to also introduce your brand to this fast-paced speed of customer engagement. You can do this by adding a tool like a live chat (chatbot) feature on your website,  opening your business to a 24/7 schedule for answering questions and capturing leads.

Not only are live chat tools available for your website, but implementing chatbots for social is an absolute must. Today, persons turn to social platforms to perform searches for products/services that interest them before turning to Google. This increases the probability of prospective customers sending messages to your social inbox, and they expect an immediate response to their query. You may be sleeping but your bot doesn’t have to, it’s always ready to give or collect information to help you serve your customers better.

The world of social media has created a culture of intimate-instant access and an expectation of immediacy. Having chatbots that show up in messenger or in the corner of our browsers are so expected, that not having one, sends a confusing message as to whether you truly care about being available for customers.


4. Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere.

Yes, there are numerous persons who do not have a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest account and even more who have tried Twitter and decided it’s not for them. They are the exception, not the rule. While Facebook, the world’s largest social network has faced challenges in recent times…it is still a 2.5 billion member behemoth. In fact, social networks are increasing in size and scale. The number of social media users worldwide in 2018 was 3.196 billion, recording an approximate increase of 13 per cent year-to-year.  It’s undoubtedly, the place where relationships are formed, money is made and time is spent.

To ensure success, identify the reason you’ve decided to ‘get social’. Perhaps you want to increase sales, drive website traffic or encourage customer feedback.  Setting measurable KPIs (key performance indicators) will help you to narrow your strategy, give your content purpose and relevance, and drive success.


5. Establish Your Credibility.

From news articles, product/service benefits to questionable images, the internet is flooded with fake everything. To keep your customers coming back for more, it is important to position yourself as a reliable source of engaging content.

Having brand integrity matters. It is not just a buzzword. Authentically communicating your interests, value, brand and intent online is a sure fire way to have longevity. Do this through creating content that established your and your company thought leaders in a respective subject area.


6. Master The Art of Keeping It Brief.

Less is sometimes more. The digital world is full of distractions, and attention spans are only getting shorter. The trick is to keep it brief. This doesn’t mean cutting out important content. Instead, it means communicating precisely, concisely and directly.


7. Keep Learning and Building On What You Have.

We’re guessing, at some point, you’ve heard (or read) this advice, kept it in mind and practised it as a means of self-development and growth; and if so, why not do the same for your business. As you shape your marketing strategy for the year ahead, experimenting with different tactics to show your relevance and transforming your business to meet newly available technology; there is a tactical way transform your business while maintaining the strategies and principles that you’ve found worked for you.

At this point, you are either feeling charged up or asking the big: HOW??

We’ve mastered the art of digital technologies and are ready to have your business conquer the market for 2019. Our team of intuitive creatives will keep the core foundation of your business going strong by developing a comprehensive social/digital marketing strategy, execute strategic advertising campaigns, or perhaps train you and your team on the art of social advertising.  

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