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If you continuously strive for improvement, get along well with others, are innovative and want to improve the world you could be a perfect fit for our team!

Digital Marketing Manager
A lightbulb shape made of social media/technology icons beside “Do you follow the latest digital media trends like it makes you a living? Apply today.


Creative Lead
Do you have a creative mind as well as an understanding of motion graphics and FX concepts? Let’s see what you’re capable of, sign up today!


Customer Relationship Officer
Do you know the importance of customer relationship management, do have a knack for generating leads and developing business ideas? Let’s talk. Sign up today!

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What's it like to work at Digita Global Marketing?

At Digita, we view each day as an opportunity to grow. Teamwork is the heart of this well-oiled machine, and communication is the backbone. As a part of the Digita team, you’ll not only enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done (because we do nothing less), but also regular staff activities, outings, growth days and more!


The first commitment all team members make to Digita is to progressively grow. We get better everyday, we try harder, we work smarter and commit to moving ourselves forward, which naturally moves the company forward. Kaizen means growth, Kaizen means personal development, Kaizen means skill building, it’s our synonym, for excellence and so much more…Are you Kaizen?


Execution is a word heard frequently around our virtual and physical offices. Through team cohesion and communication, we work efficiently to create the best solutions for our customers.

Do the most meaningful work of your career

Our mission is to elevate global media landscapes above industry levels, while moving the world forward. We create products and deliver services of high quality; excellence is our standard. We are global minds, committed to leaving an indelible mark. We need ‘A’ players committed to personal and professional growth and moving the organization forward.