“Businesses across the Caribbean need to see themselves as co-authors of the digital age and not solely consume technologies if they are to be true beneficiaries.”

That’s the message President and Chief Executive Officer of Digita Global Marketing Ltd Kemal Brown delivered to a summit of business leaders at the conference in Portugal earlier this month.

Speaking at the Horasis Global Meeting in Cascais at a session with the theme “Leading Into The Digital Future”, Brown said a critical challenge for the Caribbean was that in many cases digital transformation was being passively experienced versus actively shaped.

“Digital tools, platforms, and data have changed the way we mobilise, socialise and monetise,” he said. “The business use cases for digital technology have been proven and it is just the beginning when we consider the Internet of Things and a fully connected world, from cars to clothing.”

The annual Horasis Global Meeting is one of the most prominent summits of business leaders across the world. Within the Horasis community, there are over 400 selected world leaders from 70 countries that gather to elucidate the contemporary challenges facing corporations and industries in our global society.

This year’s event is co-hosted by the Portuguese Government, with attendees such as the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa. Along with them, several CEOs and representatives of the world’s most respected corporations including Jose Manuel Barroso, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, Nobuyuki Idei, CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation, John D. Negroponte, Vice Chairman of McLarty Associates, among others.

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