How Social Media Recruiting Helps You

Here are 7 reasons we believe why social recruiting is more effective than traditional methods:

  • Increases Job Visibility
    Facebook has over 2+ billion active users, using social media to broadcast your job posts makes them more visible and increases your odds of reaching top talent.
  • Improves Quality of Hire
    59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced from social networks as “highest quality.”
  • Better Employer Brand Awareness
    Not only does social recruiting increase the visibility of employer brand, it strengthens it.

    Candidates want to work for employers that they trust.
  • More Referrals
    Referrals are the number one source of hire. Employee referrals also lead to better quality hires, and improved retention rates.
  • Engages Employees
    Posting jobs to your company’s social media platforms and encouraging employees to spread the word makes them active participants in your hiring strategy.
  • Reduces Cost to Hire
    Recruiting-related transactional costs of social recruiting are almost always lower in comparison to other hiring sources.
  • Opens the Door to Engagement
    Social media allows you to connect, chat, and engage with people you might never come into contact with in “real life.”

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