February is Reggae Month! As an international social media agency, with roots in Jamaica, we couldn’t let Reggae Month slide by without highlighting how social media helps reggae brands to spread exponentially beyond our borders.

Everyone talks about branding themselves these days, and though the sentiment is often fluff and puff with no real substance, successful personal brand is always backed with authenticity. We may be a bit biased based on our country of origin, but nothing says “substance” more than the heavy bass and spiritually attuned lyrics of the Reggae genre. In this digital age, musical heavyweights in the reggae revival movement have used social media to create knockout brands capable of culling thousands of followers worldwide.

Using pure talent, sweet sounds, and a strong online presence, these artistes have found ways to maximise their social media use in the presentation of reggae’s deeper meaning, backed by distinctive and inspiring personal brands.

Here are some lessons about personal branding that you can learn from the Instagram profiles of Reggae Revival Royalty:

Xana Romeo – @xanaromeo

1. Consistency

Xana’s Social Media presence accomplishes multiple things at once. Her various accounts stand out through consistent posts. Across platforms, from her website to Soundcloud and Instagram profiles, her updates align and connect at a hub on her website. First of all, it gets her music out to the public, thereby identifying her as an artiste in her own right – not just a girl riding on the coat tails of the success of her father Max Romeo. She has established herself as a bonafide contributor to her field – a key foundation of a strong personal brand. Secondly, her social media presence offers you entrance into her effortlessly curated world. Once there she gently pushes her message of serenity, part of her brand personality. It is almost like you know her… as if she is a chill friend of yours. By maintaining post consistency, Xana secures a place in the daily lives of her followers.

2. Distinctive design: Using professionally artistic photography and organically inspired designs, Xana’s Instagram feed reads as cool, trendy yet laid back. As such, her social media presence truly ties into her brand, getting her message across without being distracting.

Enjoy your life & blessings. You could be worse off. "No such thing as a life that's better than yours"?

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Check out Xana’s Debut Album, ‘Wake Up’, here.

Sevana – @sevanasiren

3. Clarity: Sevana Siren, as she calls herself online, uses a sublime charm, through her Social Media platforms to truly let her audience FEEL what her music is about. From blog posts about why she chose to pursue music, to short videos about the meanings behind her songs, as well as a look at some of her photo shoots, she makes a clear statement about who she is and what she represents. By doing this, but she also allows us to feel a sense of inclusion – as if we are on this journey with her. That connection really sets her apart and is really something to look into.

4. Social Engagement: Sevana runs her accounts herself, and as a result, she is always sparking conversations or voicing her opinions on her platforms, which gets a conversation going. It is not enough to just ask people to like and share content. You also want to get them talking and talk with them as well. Her engagement with fans builds her brand loyalty.

Watch the full explanation on my YouTube, link in bio! Video: @keonprediphotography

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Get Sevana’s EP!

Protoje – @protoje

5. Remarkability: Protoje’s brand personality immediately pops out at you within moments of viewing his social media pages. He is not afraid to step out of the box when it comes to his fashion or his platforms. His vibrancy and uniqueness present themselves in not just his music but also in the simplest things, such as the language used in his captions.

6. Inspiring: As a radical reggae artiste, it would be rather impractical to brand himself online (or otherwise) with dull, mediocre content. He uses distinctive graphic design to his advantage, employing the talents of outstanding visual artists such as Taj Francis and Yannick Reid. His followers are able to pick up on his energy while off the stage whether from bold and bright graphics, distinctive photographs or exceptionally produced video content that accurately portray who he is and what he is about.

Find dates for Protoje’s latest tour here.

Chronixx – @chronixxmusic

7. Sensitivity: Having content is one thing, knowing when to post is another. Chronixx not only gains but also keeps, the attention of his followers by making posts multiple times per week. By doing so, he stays connected and relevant with those keeping up with him, but at the same time, he doesn’t spam them with too many at a time. Keep them wanting more, but don’t let them get tired of you.

8. Emotional Connection: Chronixx creates an emotional connection with different methods. His music itself inspires individual analysis of self and that theme carries through in the content of his posts. This is important to his brand pull, as it allows followers to have a deeper look at him and his music while allowing them to feel an emotional connection with him.

Take in the visuals for “Majesty” by Chronixx.

Yaadcore – @yaadcore

9. Authenticity: This Jamaican DJ’s brand is a great example of “What you see is what you get”. His personality really shines through on his various platforms and this makes his brand more relatable to his followers.

10. Energy: Similar to Protoje’s, Yaadcore’s social media presence is one that screams passion. From taking a look at his pictures and thoughts, one can easily see that he is doing music not just to be seen or heard, but because it’s something he loves doing. Through this tactic, he has created a solid brand for himself that continues to grow.

?? Only You Feel What You Feel ? @royal.vision #Leafalize #SanDiego

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Take in Yaadcore’s energy at yaadcoreradio.com.

So these are the branding lessons we pulled from proponents of the so-called “reggae revival”. Now, reggae never died. But the consciousness that accompanies the beautiful bass beats has, in the last few years, been significantly amplified in large part by the pervasive nature of new digital media. Whether or not you are a musician, these lessons can be applied universally. Use energy, remarkability, clarity and emotional connection to get yourself out there, and if you need one-on-one coaching, feel free to drop us a link!

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