Our Vision

We are guided by the philosophy of Kaizen – The relentless pursuit of excellence.

We aim to make improvements daily to better serve our clients and community.
Our vision is to be the most innovative, creative, enchanting, profitable and socially impactful media agency in the world.

Our Mission

To positively impact the world through our passion for greatness in all that we do.

Our mission is to elevate the global media landscapes taking them above industry standards, leaving our distinctive fingerprint on all that we touch, while moving the world forward.

Our Approach.

We help you convey packets of your personality to a world that wants to get to know you.

So it’s only natural then that we prioritize getting to know you. Your wants, needs, and goals mean the world to us. Let us help you achieve them. So much can be lost in the gaps of understanding. Digita aims to fill these gaps by understanding context before producing content. We do lots of research on our clients’ industries then see where the dynamic interplay between new media and their products can be found. Social media is new and can be quite cumbersome. We make the subject approachable, the tasks doable, and the results achievable.

Digita Global Marketing Ltd. is a Caribbean-based, globally-minded digital marketing agency located in Kingston, Jamaica. Digita specializes in interactive media experiences; design, bespoke and innovative websites and expressive visual identities, that come together to perfectly convey the values and vision of our clients, helping them to achieve their goals.

Meet the Team

We really care about your company and your goals. The Digita team stands ready to whip up awesomeness at a moments notice. We are innovators, marketers, digital media experts and above all empaths. Pop in and say hi anytime.