3 Reasons Why A Seasonal Campaign is Good For Your Business


Summer is here! It is the season of beach trips, family fun, and the triple S’s; sea, sun, and smiles. This means more children playing in the streets, more road trips and, if you strategize right, it could also mean more sales for your business. Summer, like any season, carries huge marketing opportunities that can help to drive sales for your business. How can you take advantage of the increased sales potential? A seasonal campaign may be the perfect way for your business to do so. The premise of a good seasonal marketing campaign is to create and offer content that is both relevant and valuable for consumers in the moments that matter. Here are three reasons why seasonal campaigns are good for businesses.

1) It Shows That You Care
Designing and executing a seasonal campaign shows your brand cares about visibility, brand perception, and its consumers. The return on investment for caring is immeasurable for your business and brand. Brands should be doing everything possible to promote customer loyalty, in a recent study 21% of consumers say they purchased a new product simply because it was being offered by a brand they liked. The effects of being a “liked” brand can spill over to other parts of your marketing strategies, increase your email open rates and referral market, and influence current customers to become product advocates.

2) It Increases Brand Awareness
Modern advertising is all about emotions, which means emotionally intelligent brands will always be ahead of the curve, influencing customers to feel their way into buying decisions. Creating relevant and engaging content shows flexibility and creativity, which drives awareness and interest. An effective seasonal campaign can utilise nostalgia to invoke powerful emotions and memories, serving up effective reminders of the summer days we all crave to relive or the Christmas holidays that hold a special place in our hearts, that one Easter we ate too much bun or the first Valentine’s Day we had with our current partner. Or, alternatively, leaning on the side of what’s trending, can influence the emotions in ways that spark action and will create great memories in the future. Brands that inspire higher emotional intensity receive 3 times the word-of-mouth marketing. These referrals influence the buying decisions of many consumers as they often take suggestions and reviews from friends and family on brands and products, especially when shared on social media.

3) It Works For All Kinds Of Businesses
Regardless of whether you’re running a seasonal business or have constant sales flow throughout the year, there are always creative ways to take advantage of seasonality, whether it be a new product launch, discount for specific months or just a visual refresher to tie in with the period. Seasonal campaigns are so flexible that they can work with any budget and business size from SME to Fortune 100. They can range from ads related to a particular time period and product that a business may want to promote, or a visual overhaul to better relate to your customers. Colors and emotions drive buying decisions, so it’s important to ensure your brand is sending the right signals.

At Digita, we are launching our Facebook refresh summer campaign to help brands and businesses make more of an impact. If you are interested in seeing how we help you increase brand engagement, visibility, perception, and sales for the summer season, e-mail us now at engage@digitaglobal.com.