Making Virtual Work, Work

A Mini-Guide by Digita

Don't Fear, Work Virtually Anywhere!

Are you ready to get the most out of Virtual Work? Let's go!
COVID-19 poses a threat to business and organisational development. Firms that are unable to transition to a remote work environment will be most at risk. We want to help in the best way we know how, by creating useful content and resources to help support the local, regional and global communities. Whether you need to navigate the partially or fully virtual space, this guide will be of value.

What you'll learn in our mini-guide

In our guide, businesses, organizations and their team's will learn:
  • How to set and manage expectations
  • The necessary infrastructure including tools, platforms and software to go virtual effectively
  • How to change your team's attitude towards virtual work
  • How to establish a remote culture including virtual team engagement and performance management
  • How to conduct effective online meetings
  • The dos and don’ts, benefits and drawbacks of virtual work
  • Digita’s very own best practices
  • Parental best practices in balancing work and the home

A few tools and platforms you'll learn about in our mini-guide